What colour worktop with white gloss kitchen?

Kitchen colours leave a huge impact on the designs and atmosphere of a kitchen. Colours spread emotions, with each colour comes a unique thought and vibes. Finding a correct and compatible contrast can sometimes become a headache. You may be brainstorming to get a good fit for your kitchen for a long and still be confused and unsatisfied after painting the kitchen.

  • Glossy white is a colour of companionship and unity. Not only does it matter white, but the glossy white finish to a kitchen makes it look more open and brighter.
  • White gloss kitchen always leaves a positive impact on the visitors who tend to love the decent and simple things.
  • The lightning spreads on the white gloss kitchens double its attractiveness by glowing up the kitchen naturally.


List of the most picked colours that go well with white gloss kitchens

As white goes never out of trend, you can see most of the modular and ordinary kitchen covered with beautiful layers of white colours.


Bone white 

The shade bone white is a beautiful shade of cream that gives smooth and seamless finishes to the worktop having a white gloss kitchen.

It leaves an impact of:

  • Gentle look
  • Fragile
  • Peaceful environment
  • Open- area
  • Calmness



It is a lighter shade of cream that closely resembles matte white and blends beautifully with the white gloss kitchen.

  • Oatmeal with a white gloss kitchen appears to be a professional and formal outlook.
  • It is a very neutral colour that can be painted well on a worktop.



English meaning of Argent is ‘a metal’ or ‘silver.’ The colour vibes to a metal and silver touch which can be undoubtedly used with a white gloss kitchen as a worktop finish.

  • Argent laminate kitchen worktops provide a contemporary look to a kitchen.
  • The light grey finish of argent gives an illusion of a glossy texture leaves a stunning effect on viewers.


Fawn colour 

The colour of the soft tone of yellow to darker tones of brown. Fawn comes with various gorgeous shades that sometimes gives the appearance of autumn and summer vibes.

  • You must have a look at the camel and beige shades of fawn. They resemble moderate tones of brown and orange shades.
  • British Tan is the best shade of brown, give the appearance of wooden worktops.


Glossy wood colours

Kitchen worktops with wooden texture and material give rustic and traditional looks. Glossy white with glossy wood is the ultimate selection for any kitchen.

  • Darker Shades of brown such as walnut, coffee and chocolate speak out the extraordinary design of the kitchen.
  • Luxurious kitchens usually adapt the glossy finishes on the marble worktops with glossy shades.