How to earth a kitchen sink?

A Kitchen Sink needs to be provided with an earthen strip to maintain all-time safety and security from the passing currents in the house. During rainy, cloudy, and stormy days, the water supply pipes made up of copper and iron can catch the charge of electrons and thus causes an electric shock. To prevent unexpected accidents, you must earth a kitchen sink.

If you have a stainless-steel sink, it is well and good, and you do not need to earth the sink.


Clean the pipe:

First of all, clean the main water supply pipe made up of iron and copper to continue the process more precisely. You can use brushes to remove corrosion and a piece of cloth the wash away the unwanted surface.


Fit the earth clamps

Open the earth clamp by unscrewing it with a screwdriver.

Fit the earth clamp to the pipes by tightening the nuts and bolts attached to the clamps.


Attach the earthen wire

The yellow and green wire is known as the colour of the earth wire and fixes it to the earth clamp.