How to change kitchen sink taps?

Taps are changed due to many distinct reasons like updating the sink, renovation of a kitchen, maintaining the latest look, and replacing the faulted existing sink taps with new ones.

Whatever the reason is, this article will provide the best ways to change kitchen sink taps in easy and rapid ways.


All you need to perform the task

  • A Tap
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Spanner
  • Screwdriver


Clean the surface

Clean the kitchen worktop by replacing the essential to a safer place so that you get an open surface to work. Put everything out of the cabinet to ease the work under the sink.


Disconnect water lines

Turn off the water valves to avoid the leakage and mess caused by water.


Remove the tap

You can now remove the existing tap, open the screw present at the bottom of it under the sink area.

Unscrew all the bolts fixed to the supporting plate present under a tap.

Remove the rubber washer attached to the tap by opening the bolts.


Detach the hoses

You will see flexible hoses attached to the tap; it can be disconnected by rotating the nuts present at its opening.

Rotate the nuts in an anticlockwise direction and carry out the hoses.


Fit the new tap

Take a brand-new tap of your choice to fit in a kitchen sink.

Place the tap over the sink area and attach the hoses by tightening the bolts.

Install a rubber washer and fix a base plate under it.

Secure the tap by fixing screws at the bottom.