How to apply fablon to kitchen worktops?

Fablon is famously known for self-adhesive sheets and has a family of vinyl sheet. In the UK, Fablon is a reputed brand used to cover items with decorative plastic paper that can be pasted on a surface with an adhesive.


Kitchen worktops can have an impressive transformation with the use of a full-blown sheet. When I did the same thing to my kitchen counter boards, it took me just 2 hours to complete the task. Let me guide you through the way, tools that I used to apply Fablon are:

  1. A Brush to apply glue
  2. Scissor
  3. Measuring scale
  4. A rag and a cleanser
  5. Sandpaper



  • You need to empty the worktop surface, take away all the items placed on the kitchen worktop. Place them somewhere safe.
  • Disconnect gas and electric supply, if come along the way.


  • Clean the surface thoroughly and properly to wipe every edge and corner. I used Sandpaper to take away the damaged top.
  • Do not let unwanted dust particles reside on the worktop; it can interrupt the sealing of Fablon to the countertop.
  • I used a rag and cleanser to clean all marks, spots, lumps, or burns caused on the worktop due to my wear and tear kitchen performance.



  • Take measurements of the entire surface with a scale and note- down the recorded calculations.
  • Now, mark the measurements on Fablon sheets behind the paper with a pencil and cut the required paper.



  • Take off the sticking layer of Fablon and apply it to the surface of the worktop.
  • Remove the air bubbles while attaching the sheets.
  • In case, full-blown sheets don’t have self-adhesive, you can use glue to stick the paper to the top.