How to tile the kitchen wall?

A wall of the kitchen decorates and furnishes well when equipped with nice tiles. The colour and material of cages count a lot in the kitchen. Being a sensitive but critical place, each new fit must be good in appearance as well as in physical and mental health safety.

Calling your kitchen wall tile installer is not necessary all the time when you can be a good performer in attach tiles to a kitchen wall. Invite your friends to give you a hand that will improve efficiency and adds fun while working.

Keep everything you need to tile a kitchen wall such as

  • A Cloth and Cleanser
  • Grout
  • Tiles
  • Shovel
  • Water

 Easy steps to tile a kitchen wall

We suggest you cut the power and water lines attached to the interior of the kitchen. While working, the supply pipes can come on the way.

Thus, it is advisable to remove the particular connections.   

Clear the area where you need tiles and take away all the essential tools coming into contact with the kitchen wall.

This will allow you to work directly and continuously with ease and convenience. It will also protect articles against drops of adhesive or grout.

  1. Clean the kitchen wall with a sponge and a cleaner that is made of tiles and It will make the tiles attach more easily to the walls.
  2. Remove old paint colour coatings, stains and marks to provide a clean path for tiles.
  3. Place a kitchen tile with a wall to get an idea of levelling so you could properly fit the wall tiles.
  4. Start installing the tiles and continue attaching them with an adhesive agent and slightly press the tiles against the kitchen wall with a shovel.
  5. Repeat this process until your wall becomes a superior thing in your kitchen by installing new tiles.
  6. Make a smooth mixture of grout using water.
  7. Wait for the next day, leaving the wall tiles untouched, you can now put grout on the kitchen walls. This will secure tile, fit by providing it with a solid backbone.