How to Join 2 Kitchen Plinths Together?

Plinths are the additional base of a kitchen cabinet which offers a good coverage view to the storage units of a cabinet. They are typically made of the same material as the basic units providing a seamless look. You can make plinths easily by yourself.

Steps To Make A Plinth

  1. Measure the height and the length of the base where you want to fit the plinths.
  2. Take a marker and spot the calculated points on the material.
  3. Cut out the plinth material with the help of a hand saw.
  4. Trim the edges and sand the sides to give it a smoother finish.
  5. Mark the exact place where the plinth clips need to be fixed.
  6. Drill the holes over the material and set the clips by tightening the screws.
  7. Place the plinth at the bottom of a base unit.
  8. Attach the plinth to the base units.

Thus, these were the basics of the procedure to make a kitchen plinth. A situation may arise where you want to add more plinths in the kitchen to the cabinets that are linked together.

Suppose you designed a kitchen plinth that does not match the size of the base cabinet. In such a case, a new plinth can be made to fill the space.

If I had the same situation, I would simply follow the easier and most effective way given below to join 2 Kitchen plinths together.

Make a new plinth:

You can follow our above guide on how you can make a plinth easily by yourself. You are supposed to make the same plinth so that both materials can be joined perfectly to each other.

First Method

  1. Cut a piece of metal strip
  2. Fix it to the Plinth
  3. Join the plinths


Two Plinths can be joined to each other by making a metal join between the two. Take a thin but good quality metal sheet of your choice. By taking the measurements from the edges of a plinth, cut the metal sheets into the required dimensions.


Drill the metal strip to fix it on a plinth. You need not fix large bolts as they can disturb the attachment.


Keep both the plinths in contact with each other and level them carefully.

You have successfully joined 2 plinths together.

Second Method

  1. Level the Plinths
  2. Apply the Glue


To follow this approach, level both the plinths with the base cabinet. Check the sides, ups and downs to confirm the correct positioning of the plinths.


Take a strong adhesive agent or glue. Spread it on the edges of the plinth. Put enough pressure on the sides of the plinth so that they could join easily. Let the material dry in the natural light for an hour.