How to fix a dripping kitchen mixer tap?

Mixer taps have multiple water lines connected to them serving as hot and cold-water supply. Today, mixer taps are usually installed in households, especially in kitchens to improve the functioning and the vision of a kitchen.


  • The water flow offered by the mixer taps turns out to be commendable that has a foam-like output. Modern mixer taps are hard to find disturbing and defective, but when they do, the reason can be old fitting or damaged assembly of a mixer tap.
  • A dripping tap wastes an abundance of water and makes unnecessary voices all around the place. You can easily fix a dripping mixer tap by knowing the right parts and tools.


The Tools You May Need While Working With A Dripping Mixture Tap

  • Adjustable wrench
  • A Cloth
  • Screwdriver

Isolate the water supply

Begin the process by turning off the water supply, find the shut-off valve and turn it off. Running water can cause a mess and interrupt the procedure.

Let the water escape to the sink, left in the pipes.

Remove the Cartridge to examine its condition

The very first thing you are supposed to do is examine the cartridge. The daily flow of water can build corrosion layers and dust particles in it that makes a faucet malfunction and cause leaks.

Remove the handle utilizing an adjustable wrench

Remove the cartridge from a faucet. Carefully remove the O-ring and rubber washer, place them somewhere by memorizing the exact positions. Soak the cartridge in hot water and clean it thoroughly.

Assemble all the parts

Take all the small pieces from the tap cartridge and start placing them in the correct place in a sequence. Make sure you do not cause damage to tiny parts during the installation and cleaning process.

  • Put the rubber washer and O-ring in around.
  • Assemble the pieces to form a single unit.

Clean the tap handles

It is a good time to invest in the cleaning of a tap sitting and handles as we can never take chances in washing out the mess in a kitchen, the same rule applies in a tap cleaning.

  • Use a cloth to clean off the dust on the surface of the faucet handle.
  • You must use a brush to remove the dirt placed in narrow sections.
  • Rinse the area with clean water.

Put the Cartridge back to the tap

Now you can fit the cleaned and modified cartridge to the tap, use your hands to tighten the unit. Rotate the cartridge until properly adjusted and cover it with the handle of a kitchen tap.

Fix the screw to the kitchen faucet handle, a loose screw may make the faucet drip, so carefully fix it.

Replacing a Rubber Washer

If the above method fails; you may adopt the next and easiest way to fix a dripping kitchen mixer tap. For this, you need:

  • Rubber Washers
  • A Knife
  • Scissors

The handle and round must be removed to reach the rubber washer. Most modular taps operate with ceramic discs instead of using a rubber washer. In such a case, you go with replacing the ceramic discs for fixing a draining kitchen tap.

  • Cut the former rubber washer with scissors or take it out with a knife following the proper safety precautions.
  • Take a suitably sized rubber washer and attach it neatly and firmly to your faucet.

Attach the assembled appliance to the handle of the valve and check if our fitting works. Pat yourself on the back, if it does. Otherwise, reach out to an expert to operate your faucet.