How to clean kitchen tiles?

Health is the new wealth. If you don’t have good health, it’s hard to work or eat well. Regardless of the beautiful and expensive design of a kitchen, the absence of cleaning distracts the eye.

The tiles are famous in kitchens to enhance the interiors with their outstanding patterns, shapes, colours and designs. They are easy to clean, strong and some of them are susceptible to water, oil, stains and bacteria.

Since the pandemic, people have been demanding hygienic materials for kitchens, regular cleaning and maintaining kitchens to ensure the health and food security.

Different ways to clean kitchen tiles

While working, many food materials may fall onto Worktops that cause stains, stains and burns. The dust particles dull the surface gloss to smoggy. The regular cleaning keeps the tiles well hygienic and creates less mess on the surface.

Take a seat, drink some water, and relax! Simply go through the various ways given below to clean the kitchen tiles and choose an appropriate way from the list.


You know what, I’m sure if you read the list, you probably have an idea of how every step will work. But being a responsible blogger, I can’t skip the part to briefly explain each one of them.


Water is used as a foundation for cleaning and works miracles when boiled.

Grab a pan and fill it with normal water, boil the water for a while.

  • Rinse the surface with clean boiled water, you will instantly see the effect of washing away the dirt and dust.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Clean any excess water with a dry cloth.


Vinegar has been a strong cleaning agent used for years in cleaning jobs. Even now, households take it as the main tool to keep hygienic. The acid nature of vinegar kills bacteria and eliminates stains, grease, dirt and dust from tiles.

  • You can use vinegar by applying it to a cloth or sponge to clean the stained tiles.
  • The vinegar leaves the surface perfectly crystal clear with a superbly soft and bright texture.
  • You must choose this rapid and easy way for your tiles.


Lemon acts as a natural cleaning agent in houses and is preferred amongst people because of its optimal results. The citric acid in lemon removes bacteria, oil, dirt and stains from the tiles.

  • Boil some peels of lemon with water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it onto effective areas.
  • The refreshing odour and antiseptic properties leave the kitchen tiles, fresh and clean.


When we are talking about baking soda, there are no limits. Whether you’re cooking food or cleaning surfaces, baking soda is all you need to add taste and impact.

  • Use baking soda with water, you may add a little salt to increase the strength of the liquid.
  • Soak a sponge in the mixture and apply it to the kitchen tiles.
  • This ingredient makes the surface bright and eliminates bad odours.
  • You may use baking soda as the usual cleaning agent.


Washing Soap and detergents are usually available in each house and you can directly pick them up as your priority. Make sure you’re using a bar of antibacterial soap and detergent.

  • Apply the cleaner to a scrubber and wipe off the tiles.
  • Use this method 2-3 times so that the surface cleans up properly.

Pro Tip to Clean Kitchen

Leave each ingredient for at least 15 minutes on the kitchen tiles for effective outcomes.

Add salt to each agent, it improves the cleansing power and accelerates the reaction.