How to hide a boiler in the kitchen?

The boiler is a vital part of a kitchen and is usually attached close to the sink in a kitchen. Sometimes it is mounted on the wall and in some cases, it is placed on the floor by providing support at the base or can be fixed at any corner of a kitchen.

Why do we need to hide a boiler in the kitchen?

  • At the entrance, everyone can easily see the boiler placed in its position that may seem odd.
  • The open position of the boiler may be damaged by heavy tools and utensils when working.
  • The direct-view can interrupt the topic and design of a kitchen.
  • The hidden boilers fit perfectly in all kitchens and leave a private effect in the kitchen.
  • When boilers are not secured with a coating, they can be easily carried out by moisture and hoses may be defective over time.

However, you can still come up with effective solutions by reading our articles. Take a seat and notes for each idea that will certainly help you figure out ways to hide the boiler in a kitchen.

1. Use some art

If your boiler is fixed at an improper area and you do not want to shift it. Maybe it’s limited space or whatever the reason is. You can simply show your creativity here.

  • You can use drawing sheets and matte papers to paste over the coating area of a boiler.
  • Pick colourful pencils and crayons to doodle or paint the paper.
  • This will leave the boiler unseen and shift all the focus to the Art only. Additionally, attractive stickers and magnets may also be attached.

2. Make a cupboard

Making a cupboard is an easy and handy method to cover the boiler inside. For that, you can either build a new closet or use an existing one to hide the boiler.

To use the existing cupboard, make sure to empty and clean it before carrying it out in the use.

On the other side, to make a new cupboard read the steps below.

  1. Measure the size of a boiler and choose the ideal spot in a kitchen where the required dimensions are available.
  2. Select the material depending on the remaining storage units.
  3. Cut the material by taking reference to the measured calculations.
  4. Join every part to make a box.
  5. Make a door and fix the handles to it.
  6. You can use a drilling machine for securing the handles to a cupboard door.

Now, Place the cupboard in a private and unseen place of a kitchen. You can also hang the unit in a corner or behind the kitchen cabinet.

3. Inbuilt cabinet

Modular kitchens are equipped with inbuilt units with a kitchen having enormous benefits in the fact that the tools, essentials and accessories can be hidden properly inside the cabinets.

  • No one has to know what tools we use for preparing delicious meals.
  • A Boiler can be fixed into an inbuilt cabinet.
  • It will keep the boiler safer and away from the eye of an outsider.

4. Behind the rack

Some of the kitchens may have storage racks made up vertically and horizontally. They keep dry fruits, decorative flowers, bottles, poly bags, keys and many tiny but essential items.

  • You can put the boiler at the back of the storage rack.
  • This idea cost only a few minutes of moving the boiler from one place to another.

5. Between the wall units

If your kitchen follows a wall unit theme, simply go for this approach.

  • These storage units are mounted over the wall and boilers can be hidden smoothly in the space came between the units.
  • If you have a boiler as same as the colour of wall units, it will blend into the wall with them.