How to fit kitchen plinth sealing strip?

Kitchen Plinth Sealing Strips are used to protect the bottom plinths from entering water, dirt and small insects. Sealing strips are flexible, thin but strong, hard and protect the base with a fashionable look to the kitchen base cabinets.


How to fit kitchen plinth sealing strip

Sealing strips are mostly made up of plastic and are easy to cut and re-shape according to choose. They can be fixed by using many elements.

  • Take Plastic sealing strips of the length similar to the kitchen plinths.
  • You can attach the extra piece of material required.


Using Glue:

  • Use a silicone sealer to strongly fix the strip to the base.
  • A glue and fixer can be applied on both sides, the plinth edge and the edges of a sealing strip

Using cement:

  • Make a fine paste of cement with water and sand.
  • Fill the strip with the mixture.
  • Fix the plinth sealing strip to the bottom of cabinets.

Using an edging tape:

  • Edging tape is a traditional method to fix a sealing strip.
  • You can stick the edging tap into the base of the cabinets and plinths for securing it.