What Size Extractor Fan For The Kitchen?

Extractor fans are designed to eliminate heat, vapour, moisture, food odour and toxic chemicals released from kitchen equipment and gases. They keep the temperature maintained, preventing the kitchen and home from sticking grease and tiny particles on the walls.

Extractors are installed in the kitchen hoods and into the walls. Kitchens are designed in various ways and extractors are fitted with different styles and technologies.

While deciding which type of extractor you must fit in the kitchen, many key points need to keep in the mind.

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Design
  4. Technology
  5. Compatibility

Extractor fans come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, durable powers, and efficiencies. The user makes decisions according to the requirements and budgets.

Selecting a suitable extractor fan in your kitchen can be a tricky thing. You can take help from the given steps to select a suitable sized extractor fan for your kitchen.

  1. Always choose the extractor by measuring the airflow of the fan. You can make a good choice by calculating the volume of the room by cube values.

L x b x h = c3

Here l is length, b is the breadth and h are the height of the room

c is the value that you will get after the calculations.

You can take the help of this formula for measuring the power of a fan.

  1. Choose the size depending on where you will adjust the fan.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the hood, chimney or wall and give the reference to the shopkeeper. He will help you by making a suitable choice.

You can select the size of extractor fan from online calculators available to help you make optimal decisions.

How to fit an extractor fan in the kitchen?

An extractor fan is fitted into the kitchen area to bring out all of the unwanted particles sticking to the walls of a kitchen to filter the inner atmosphere. It doesn’t only affect the kitchen but clear out the entire house. To keep a kitchen free from extra mess and heat, one must be equipped with an extractor fan.

Benefits Of an Extractor Fan

  • It ventilates and refreshes the kitchen by eliminating odour, humidity and dust particles from the area.
  • Each kitchen needs an extraction fan to remove unwanted air that can cause illness and sneezing.
  • The trapped smoke inside the kitchen leads to breathing problems that become more dangerous to internal organs.
  • It reduces the effects of gases over the kitchen walls, roofs and ceilings.
  • Reduces the chances of kitchen accidents by escaping harmful gases.
  • The installation of an extractor costs you less money and time.
  • Exhaust fans are beneficial where the family eats and spends quality time together.

Fitting an extractor depends on the purpose behind its fitting. Also, extractors have different designs and sizes that can be equipped in different areas of a home. 

Steps You Need To Follow To Fit An Extractor Fan In Kitchen

To fit a Kitchen extractor can take 4 to 5 hours depending on the level of experience and difficulty.


Recheck all units that come with the exhaust fan to a kitchen.

Choose the part of the wall where you will install an extraction fan.


Measure the size of the extractor fan and equate it to a portion of the wall. Stand carefully using any support as the extractor is fitted at the pretty height of a wall.


Breakthrough the wall by the measurement area.

Cut out the area in the required section.

Use a power drill while performing the task.


Put the ventilation pipe into the wall by escaping it outwards.

In the end, you can use adhesive on pipe edges to provide extra care. 


Fit the extractor fan in the wall hole.

Attach the electrical cables to the supply.